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General business conditions Hotel Spalentor, Basel

Fundaments: These common terms and conditions arrange the privity of contract between the guests and the Hotel Spalentor GmbH, Basel – hereafter referred to as Hotel Spalentor.

Reservation: The reservation agreement and its variations concerning the services of the Hotel Spalentor are not binding until they are confirmed in writing by the hotel and the customer respectively reconfirmed. The actual services conform with the reservation confirmation. If the booking guest is announcing other guests, he will be liable for the fulfilment of their duties and he will be liable for the whole invoice amount resulting from the For reservations, which are made on the same day as the arrival day, the reservation is then binding from the moment of acceptance by the Hotel Spalentor.

Options: Option dates are binding for both parties. After the expiry date of the option, the Hotel has the right to make use of the rooms, unless a confirmed agreement – mutually signed - exists in writing.

Occupation and return of rooms: As long as there is no other overbearing arrangement the occupation of the rooms is possible from 2.00 pm. Return of the rooms must take place by 11.00am at the latest on the day of departure.

Prices and duty of payment: The prices result from the confirmation of the reservation, the current available rate, and with respect to special contract arrangements. Depending on mutual agreement, with respect to the amount of the booking, a prepayment of up to 100 % is demanded. The prepayment received in time is deducted from the hotel bill or cancellation fees. Hotel Spalentor can ask for a credit card guarantee instead of a prepayment. The prepayment is due within 30 days after the receipt of the reservation confirmation. In the case of a reservation at short notice, a credit card guarantee on the whole of the hotel bill is imperative. A delayed payment of the existing demand entitles the Hotel Spalentor to dissolve the contract and to claim the cancellation fees mentioned in figure 6. The final bill must be paid on check-out either with Swiss Francs, Euro, REKA-cheques or an accepted credit card. An invoice is sent exclusively to clients with a special contract.

Policy and consequences of a cancellation or a reservation not taken up (no-show): The customer must inform the Hotel Spalentor of a  cancellation as early as possible. In the case of a cancellation of a reservation, the Hotel Spalentor is entitled to charge the customer the following cancellation fees as a % of the reserved rooms:

Arrival of  cancellation at the Hotel:Up to 42
days before arrival
Up to 21 days before arrivalUp to 14 days before arrivalUp to 6 pm
on arrival date
Non appearance
(No Show)
One room reservation0%0%0%0%100%
Group reservation > 3 rooms25%50%75%100%100%
Package reservation50%75%100%100%100%
Fairs (Baselworld, Art etc.)100%100%100%100%100%
Congress, events etc.100%100%100%100%100%








Decisive for the cancellation charges is the arrival of the cancellation at the hotel. A premature departure (after 4.00 pm), entitles the hotel to charge the total room price. In the case of single room reservations which are not taken up at the latest by 6.00 pm on arrival day, the hotel is entitled to dispose of the rooms. This does not apply if a later arrival has been specifically agreed upon and the reservation has been guaranteed with a credit card number or a prepayment. A guarantee for a late arrival can also be made by the firm which made the reservation. In this case, the exact address must be supplied.

Conditions applying to special occasions in Basle such as fairs, Baselworld, Art, congress, events: to avoid the cancellation charge, the cancellation must be received no later than 6 weeks before the confirmed arrival date. Thereafter the total amount of the reservation (100%) will be charged. In the case of a No-Show (non-appearance) or earlier departure, the whole arrangement, respective the confirmed reservation will be charged (100%). At the making of the reservation a 100% prepayment will be demanded, which the customer has to pay by return. Should no prepayment be effected, the Hotel Spalentor will sell the rooms. Any incurred costs will be charged to the customer.

Numbers of participants at events: The customer is obliged to inform the Hotel Spalentor as early as possible of the final and binding number of participants of travel groups, but at the latest, 48 hours before the date of arrival. Declinations in the number of participants (compared with the final notified number), will be taken into consideration at a maximum of 5%. Declinations exceeding over this cannot be taken into consideration and will be charged to the expense of the customer.

Liability, legal stand and law of contract: The Hotel Spalentor accepts liability for the belongings of the guests according to legal regulations. There is no liability for slight faults. The Hotel Spalentor is not liable under any legal title for services which the hotel only mediated. (figure10). Should the guest sustain injury or not be satisfied with the services of the Hotel Spalentor, then he must advise the hotel of this immediately,    otherwise he has no right to claim recognition. Every claim against the Hotel Spalentor comes under the statute of limitation within 6 months of the end of the contract, unless the compelling legal regulations designate longer time limits. The liability is subject to the legal regulations, unless the common terms and conditions designate limitations and exclusions of liability.

Customer liability: the customer is liable to the Hotel Spalentor for all damages and losses, which are caused by him, or his assistants, participants or partners respectively, without the Hotel Spalentor having to prove the responsibility to the customer.

Further conditions: The guest cannot claim a particular room unless a specific agreement has been made. Rooms may only be used for the agreed purpose of an overnight stay.  The Hotel Spalentor is allowed to dissolve the contract without notice if the room is used contrary to the contract or if the contract has been concluded under pretence of false or misleading specifications. Special requests must be communicated in advance.  If the guest desires services that are not to be made by the Hotel Spalentor, the hotel is only dealing as mediator. These services are charged separately. Announcements in mediums (newspapers, radio, television, Internet) with reference to events in the Hotel Spalentor require the former written consent of the Hotel Spalentor. Evening extensions of the event are only possible with the previous consent of the Hotel Spalentor. Should the reserved event’s duration be presumed to last longer than the legal conclusion time (curfew), the customer must appeal to the Hotel Spalentor as early as possible (imperatively however before the start of the event), so that the necessary permit can be obtained. The costs for the permit will be charged to the organiser. Should the Hotel Spalentor have justified reason to believe, that the organiser or the arrangement could endanger the smooth-running, the safety or the reputation of the hotel, then the Hotel Spalentor is authorized at anytime to dissolve the agreement of reservation without compensation.

Applicable rights / legal stand: Reservation agreements including General Conditions and eventual additional agreements such as on the fundaments of completed contracts is exclusively subject to Swiss law. Exclusive legal stand for all discrepancy of the presented General business Conditions is Basel Stadt.